Psychology Webquest

I’ve been teaching Intro to Psychology for years now.  It’s the same old thing and I tend to deliver it the way that I was taught it, over 15 years ago.  It’s lecture heavy, with a few student research presentations.  As I’ve finally got some down time to prepare for my May Psych course and I have a wonderfully small class size this time around, I’ve decided to switch it up and Webquests seem like a terrific way to start.

As I did a google search, I realized that there are a ton of psych Webquests already out there!  I will definitely be using some that already exist.  In particular, this one stands out to me.

I have decided to take this Webquest about understanding psychological disorders and modify it a bit to fit my lesson plans and objectives.  I will remove some of topics, such as autism, which is not actually a psychological disorder, and I will also add a few topics, such as postpartum depression.

As there will be 12 topics to choose from, I will assign each student 4 topics and have them in groups of 3.  They will create powerpoint flash cards based on their assigned topic and then they will share them with their group mates so that each group has a completed overview of all 12 topics.  Students will be given some class time to complete this webquest, however outside time may also be necessary.  This Webquest will be in lieu of the entire chapter on Psychological Disorders, giving me more class time to focus on other things.  This will also allow students to become more engaged in the topic, as they are not just tuning out my lecture and powerpoint presentation.  On a more interpersonal level, it is my hope that while the students are searching for information, they may come across links and/or resources that may be useful to themselves or someone they know.

Some helpful websites that I will suggest to the students include:

The Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders

The National Institute of Mental Health





One thought on “Psychology Webquest”

  1. Hi Ginelle,
    I agree with you that we teach in the same manner that we were taught. It is hard to change that without a lot of hard work and dedication. I think your webquest idea is great. The extra time you will have to set it up due to a small class is great for you. I hope your endeavors pay off with extra time for you to worry about other things in your course and i am sure the students will benefit from this.
    Keep up the good work


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